Tuesday, March 25, 2008

War Veterans Event Canceled By High School

Allegedly, the event was becoming "too political." But who was making it so; the veterans, or the public?

A national tour featuring decorated veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan won't be stopping at Forest Lake Area [MN] High School today as planned, after school leaders abruptly canceled the visit.

Steve Massey, the school principal, said the decision to cancel was prompted by concerns that the event was becoming political rather than educational and therefore was not suitable for a public school.

He said the school had received several phone calls from parents and others, some of whom indicated that they may stage a protest if the event took place.

And so, the principal canceled the event altogether.

"We had a number of conversations at the beginning of this to make sure our message was in keeping with the traditions of a public school," [Vets for Freedom head] Hegseth said. (H/T - Drudge)

Then what's the problem? If the organization promised to keep to the guidelines of the school, they should be taken at their word. If they then broke said word, they would have been ripped in the press. Instead, the event was canceled, and some Minnesota high schoolers missed out on an opportunity to meet some heroes.

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