Friday, March 07, 2008

Weekend Caption Contest

No Pain, No Gain Caption Contest
(Source: Uncle Ray)

Other Current Contests:
Blonde Sagacity
Cowboy Blob (I WON here last week!!!)
Gone Rick Motel
Right Pundits
Rodney Dill (I took an Honorable Mention here last week.)
RT (I WON here last week!!!)

Photoshop Entries:
- Cowboy Blob

- B.C.

Top Ten Entries:
10. You know the reason she's wearing an outfit with spots on it is because there's no way those arms could possibly reach around to wipe herself. - Vincent Antonelli
9. Gertie trained furiously for her Pay-per-View grudge match against Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear. - John D
8. Just ten more and I'll look like Wyatt now. - Becky
7. Friends don't let friends stretch spandex to its limit. - RT
6. After failing to make the final cut on "Dancing With the Stars," Marie Osmond really let herself go. - Molly
5. If you look real close, you can see nipples. Near her knees. - Mope
4. B.C.'s Photoshop
3. Melting Fat . . . Not Away!! Just Lot's of Melting Fat. - Deathlok
2. Wyatt - Before. - The Man

WINNER! - The Burmese Python's eyes were definitely bigger than it's alimentary tract. - Cowboy Blob

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