Thursday, April 24, 2008

And The Christianity Bashing Continues

I would have expected more from a brilliant director like Paul Verhoeven. Snark.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -- Film director Paul Verhoeven has written a book that contradicts the Bible by suggesting that Jesus might have been fathered by a Roman soldier who raped Mary.

An Amsterdam publishing house says it will publish the book titled "Jesus of Nazareth: A Realistic Portrait" in September.

Verhoeven is best known as the director of films including "Basic Instinct" and "RoboCop," but he is also a member of the "Jesus Seminar," a group that questions church teachings about Jesus. (H/T - CNN)

I'll bet a lot of people think that Verhoeven is a courageous man to tackle such a controversial issue. Personally, I would think Verhoeven was courageous if he wrote the same book about, oh say, Muhammad. But that would never happen, would it, Paul? It would never happen because you would have to go into hiding.

So what does Verhoeven do? He writes a despicable book suggesting despicable things about Jesus, because he knows that Christians won't threaten his life. They'll just refuse to buy his literary abomination.

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