Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baseball Team Gives Up 66 Runs In Two Innings

And, amazingly, the offending team was not the Philadelphia Phillies!

TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese high school pleaded for a regional game to be abandoned after surrendering 66 runs in less than two innings, local media reported on Thursday.

The coach of Kawamoto technical high school threw in the towel to spare his pitcher's arm with his team losing 66-0 with just one batter out in the bottom of the second.

The hapless hurler had already sent down over 250 pitches, allowing 26 runs in the first inning and 40 in the second before Kawamoto asked for mercy. (H/T - Yahoo!)

Damn. Well, in fairness the team was playing the Gashouse Gorillas. One guy was batting with a felled tree for cripes' sake!

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