Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Issa To 9/11 Heroes: "Drop Dead!"

Representative Darrell Issa (R - CA) is officially the biggest piece of detritus in Washington today. End of story. If you're a Republican in California and reelect this a-hole, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Better grab the duct tape before you read this, kids. Otherwise, you're head will explode.

WASHINGTON - A California congressman drew the fury of New York lawmakers yesterday - after he said the feds shouldn't pay another dime to help the 9/11 emergency responders who became ill after working at Ground Zero.

Are you frakkin' kidding me? You sir are a scumbag of the first order.

"I have to ask why . . . the firefighters who went there and everyone in the City of New York needs to come to the federal government," Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican, said during a House subcommittee hearing.

"How much money has the federal government put out post-9/11, including the buckets of $10 and $20 billion we just threw at the State and the City of New York versus how much has been paid out by the City and the State of New York?" Issa asked.

Hey jackass, did you ever think that maybe it's because the federal government has larger pockets than the state of New York? Did you ever think that maybe it's because al Qaeda attacked the United States of America, not simply Manhattan? Did you ever think . . . period?!!!

"It's very simple: I can't vote for additional money for New York if I can't see why it would be appropriate to do this every single time a similar situation happens, which quite frankly includes any urban terrorist. It doesn't have to be somebody from al Qaeda. It can be someone who decides that they don't like animal testing at one of our pharmaceutical facilities."

I'll make you a deal, Darrell: cite me an instance where an attack by PETA or Greenpeace destroys buildings and kills 3,000 people. When that happens, I'll listen to your idiotic rant.

Just minutes after a retired New York City police officer, Michael Valentin, had labored through an emotional description of the serious health problems he has endured since rushing to Ground Zero, Issa downplayed the severity of the attack.

Officer Valentin, I sincerely apologize for Rep. Issa's insane and insensitive remarks. He does not speak for all Republicans. For that matter, he does not speak for any Republican . . . or any Democrat.

Issa said the destruction of the World Trade Center did not involve a dirty bomb or a chemical weapon designed to make people sick.

No, the destruction of the World Trade Center was designed to make people DEAD!!!

"It simply was an aircraft, residue of the aircraft and residue of the materials used to build this building," Issa said. (H/T - The New York Post)

Hold on . . . I'm trying to work through this brain aneurysm. Okay, I'm back. To use the phrase "It was simply an aircraft" to describe the September 11th attacks is akin to saying "It was simply a few ovens" to describe the Holocaust.

Thank you, Representative Issa, for once again confirming that idiocy crosses party lines.

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