Saturday, April 05, 2008

Mystery Questions Of Life

Sometimes, life presents difficult questions to which there is rarely an answer. And if there is, I am usually too stupid to find it. For example, "Why do we park on a driveway, and drive on a parkway?" Who the frak knows?

I call these puzzling the "Mystery Questions of Life." Every topic has their fare share of these questions, and politics is no different. And that brings us to my article at Family Security Matters:

In these hectic, uncertain times, many people seek out the answers to life’s most important questions. It is a search for truth, yes, but it is also a search for understanding and stability in an ever-changing world. Everyone from the most distinguished analytical mind to the local “crazy cat lady” is looking to gain the knowledge that puts us closer to our loved ones, our planet, and ourselves. These are the mystery questions of life . . .

Whatever happened to Ron Paul? Contrary to popular opinion, Congressman Paul did not drop out of the race. According to his website, not only is he still in the running, but he is one of only two Republican candidates left! Sure, the other candidate is the assured GOP nominee, John McCain, but that’s not stopping the Ron Paul Express. Maybe it should.

You can read the rest of the creamy political goodness HERE.

And, as always, and feedback (positive or negative) would be much appreciated.

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