Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shenanigans, Shenanigans!

I hereby declare shenanigans on tonight's Flyers/Canadiens game. Normally, I don't crucify NHL referees, but tonight's team was nothing short of disgraceful.

First, they allowed a goal by Montreal's Alexei Kovalev which was clearly batted into the net by a high stick. Urge to kill rising.

Then, they called a "Kneeing" penalty on the Flyers' Mike Richards, when the replays not only showed that he never made contact (again, with Kovalev), but also showed that it was clean shoulder hit. The penalty was called with a minute or so left in the game, and on the ensuing power play, Montreal scored to tie it. Blood pressure rising.

Then, early on in the overtime period, with momentum on their side, the Canadiens scored to win Game One. Breaking out the assault weapons here.

I thought that Montreal would win this series anyway, but to quote "Switch" from The Matrix, "Not like this. Not like this."

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