Thursday, May 08, 2008

Couple Run From Police, Right Into Cactus

Meet Christopher Psomas and Ashley Strahan: SYLG's Dumbasses of the Week.
Two people in a suspected get-away car blew through red lights and roared off-road before bailing out of the disabled vehicle and running into the desert.

Then things got worse.

Police said Christopher Psomas, 38, and Ashley Strahan, 20, rolled through cholla cactus, covering themselves with needles.

"I am so stupid," Psomas said through tears as hospital workers plucked spines from his body. "This is what I get for trying to run from the police."

They were taken to Banner Desert Medical Center. (H/T - AZCentral)

Do you think that if a news helicopter filmed the incident, the cacti would be taken off the street and transferred for brutality?

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