Wednesday, May 21, 2008

D. Scott Perrine: Fine, Upstanding Individual

For some people in this town, a pound of flesh just isn't enough.

Lawyers like D. Scott Perrine, who is representing one of the three angelic little cherubs that were involved in that triple shooting were unmercifully beaten by the Nazis of the Philadelphia Police, is not satisfied with Monday's firings. Oh no, now he is claiming "cover-up."

"It's either police work that is so sloppy that it is not worthy of anything ever being taken seriously from this Police Department and shouldn't be the basis of how we prosecute anybody, or it's indicative of people with limited intellect trying to cover something up," Perrine said. (The Philadelphia Daily News)

Speaking of "limited intellect," let's review an instance of this lawyer's fine, upstanding behavior (from 10/26/07 issue of The Philadelphia Daily News):

Defense attorney D. Scott Perrine paid a visit to a Northeast Philadelphia prison on Wednesday and ended up behind bars himself when guards found a small amount of cocaine in his briefcase.

Law-enforcement sources said Perrine, a former assistant district attorney, presented a visitor's pass and his identification after he entered Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility, on State Road near Rhawn Street. A guard searched Perrine's briefcase and found a small tinted vial that contained a powdery substance, and a field test indicated that it was in fact cocaine.

Perrine, 29, was charged with carrying contraband, a second-degree felony, and being in possession of a controlled substance, which is a misdemeanor, sources said.

Perrine last night described the incident as a misunderstanding.

Before visiting Curran-Fromhold, "I had a meeting with a client and his mother, and she had brought out [the vial] to demonstrate what she has to put up with," Perrine said.

"There was nothing really in it at all, and that vial is what was found in my briefcase."

Uh huh. It was all a misunderstanding. I can just hear him now: "Honestly officer, the drugs aren't mine!"

Come to think of it, Perrine was charged with a felony and a misdemeanor, yet he is still practicing law as a member of the Bar? I smell cover-up!

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