Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Family Forgets Kid At Airport

I love stories like these, because when the missus screams, "You're spending too much time blogging, and not enough time with the kids," I can point to this article and say, "Well, at least I'm not this guy!"

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) -- An immigrant family left a 23-month-old boy in the Vancouver airport and learned he was missing only when contacted during the next leg of the trip.

Jun Parreno, the boy's father, told The Vancouver Sun the mix-up occurred Monday as he, his wife and two grandparents of the child, J.M., were scrambling between their arrival in Canada and a connecting flight to Winnipeg on Air Canada.

Running late after having to unpack and repack all their luggage, "we had 10 minutes before boarding," said Parreno, who was emigrating with his family from the Philippines. "We were running for the gate."

He said he thought his son was with the three other adults, who were running to the gate ahead of him, and they thought the little boy was with him.

Instead, in a scenario similar to the movie "Home Alone," the toddler was wandering alone between a security checkpoint and the flight gates, said Angela Mah, an Air Canada representative. (H/T - CNN)

They should have left the kid to fend for himself. If Hollywood is as true as I think it is, hilarity would follow.

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