Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heeerrreee's Johnny!

Ax murders? What the hell is going on in Austria?

(CNN) -- An Austrian man has confessed to killing five members of his family with an ax, Vienna police said Wednesday.

The man walked into a Vienna police station early Wednesday and told authorities he had killed his wife and 7-year-old daughter early Tuesday, police spokesman Michael Braunsperger said.

The man, a self-employed public relations consultant according to The Associated Press, said he had also murdered both his parents and his father-in-law in the cities of Ansfelden and Linz, respectively, the spokesman said.

Police found the five victims, who had all been killed with an ax, Braunsperger said. The man said his motive was "financial difficulties."

"He said he'd been speculating on the financial markets and had lost everything, so he ... wanted to spare his family the shame," Braunsperger said. (H/T - CNN)

Ya know, I'd like to spare the Philadelphia Flyers the shame of being swept in the Eastern Conference Finals, but I'm not about to chop them up with an ax! The man killed his seven-year old daughter. He needs to die. End of story.

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