Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Study: Fertile Women Have Sexier Voices

File this under "Useless Studies That Probably Cost Us A Fortune."

A woman's voice becomes "sexier" when she is ovulating, according to a new study published in the April issue of the journal Human Evolution and Behavior.

Researchers from the State University of New York at Albany studied the recordings of women's voices taken at different points in their menstrual cycles. The recordings were played for both sexes and women who were most fertile were found to have the more alluring voices, according to listeners.

Researchers for the study, republished in the May 1 issue of New Scientist, say the findings suggest that sex hormones can alter the workings of the voice box but added that most changes are too subtle to pick up on a day-to-day basis.
(H/T - FOXNews)

So, it's safe to say that Rosie Perez will never have any children?

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