Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Thank You To The People Of Port Richmond

Sergeant Liczbinski's body is taken to the hearse.

If this story is true, then I want to sincerely thank to residents of Almond and Schiller Streets.

KYW's Tony Hanson reports while many neighbors in Port Richmond tried in vain to assist the dying officer, they were overcome by what they saw and heard.

Witnesses say they heard several shots -- very loud shots. Police say Sgt. Liczbinski was shot with an assault rifle.

Thomas Carjewski was among many residents who rushed to aid the officer:

“One of the neighbors was screaming, “A police officer's been shot! They shot the cop!” I ran around the front of the officer's car and he was shot. All the neighbors came out and tried to put pressure on his chest. He was hit in the chest. He was hit in the abdomen. They put pressure on there. I ran in the house, grabbed a phone and called 911.”

Nancy Braun describes a scene of chaos. As people were screaming and crying, she tried to comfort the sergeant:

"I was holding his head and one other guy was standing there, he was holding his arm trying to stop the bleeding from that. Another officer was holding his stomach wound and, in like 20 seconds, he just said, 'Tell my wife I love her.'

One witness called it an execution. The sergeant’s gun was still in its holster. (H/T - KYW1060)

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