Sunday, May 11, 2008

Top Mexican Policeman Gunned Down

Thank God we have a huge, impenetrable border fence that will keep thugs like these out of America. /Snark.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico - The No. 2 police officer in a Mexican border city across from Texas was shot dead Saturday, the latest high-ranking official killed in an onslaught of attacks blamed on gangs resisting a crackdown.

Gunman sprayed Juan Antonio Roman Garcia's car with bullets outside his home in Ciudad Juarez, officials said. The attack came months after his name appeared at the top of a hit list left at a monument for fallen police officers.

Mexico has been shaken by a wave of drug-related violence as gangs battle security forces and each other for control of trafficking routes north.

President Felipe Calderon said Friday that the attacks against police showed weakened gangs were trying to counter his fight against drug trafficking. Since taking office in 2006, Calderon has sent more than 25,000 soldiers into states throughout Mexico to combat drug gangs. (H/T - Yahoo!)

Calderon seems to be everything that the despicable Vicente Fox was not. And while the current president is not exactly supporting our attempts to keep illegals out, Calderon is trying to clean up his country.

It's a start.

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