Monday, May 12, 2008

Turn Left, Finish Last

That pretty much sums up my Fantasy NASCAR team's philosophy this season. While I did swimmingly in last year's league, this year, I stink on ice. Or is it asphalt?

I haven't posted the standings in a few weeks, but there have been recent moves on the leader board. Rachel lost her top spot this week - for the first time all season, I think - to GOP and College (Cookeville Engineers). I'm surprised he hasn't sent me e-mails ordering me to sing his praises. GOP's unheard of 383-point week probably had something to do with his ascension.

Randal Graves is rising faster than Bob's Big Boy in Austin Powers after landing the league's third best finish this weekend. He sped by me (The Intimidators) and my friend Bill (The Godfather) and doesn't appear to be looking on his rear view mirror.

bRight & Early and Vrooooom! (RT) are having the kind of season I am having. And that's a shame. Good one week, terrible the next, we are kind of like most Philly teams. Well, except the Flyers, who are sucking on all cylinders in the Penguins series.

The drivers are off this week, but next week's Coca-Cola 600 is a big race. We'll see if the movers and shakers continue to jiggle.

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