Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vandals Damage Stonehenge

This story really grinds my gears!

LONDON (AFP) - Vandals used a hammer and screwdriver to vandalise the Stonehenge ancient monument, the first such incident for decades, officials said Thursday.

The night-time attack by two men last week involved the central megalith in the 5,000-year-old ring of standing stones, with English Heritage saying the vandals could have been looking for a souvenir.

A chip of stone about the size of a large coin was removed, while a 2.5-inch long scratch was left on the Heel Stone, at the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, near Salisbury.

"Thanks to the vigilance and quick action of the security team at Stonehenge, very minimal damage was caused," said a spokeswoman for English Heritage. (H/T - Yahoo!)

A-holes. There is absolutely no reason to damage something like this, except to prove that you are a complete douche. This is exactly why I publish the Humpday History Highlight: to attempt to give others an appreciation of history. These idiots apparently do not read SYLG.

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