Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Caption Contest Winners

There were some really great entries, but I've gotta say, you people suck at bribery. I'll be the bigger man and ignore that and get right to the winners:

10. Cowboy Blob's Photoshop

9. So this is what "4" play is like. - Paradise Driver

8. I think GTA IV has gone a bit too far. - Dennis

7. This beats "a lap around the beads" any day! - Uncle Ray

6. New sins, old sins, revised sins.....it's not easy keeping track. Now we learn that the Vatican has just announced "sloth" is being replaced by "speed" as #4 thanks to the incredible machinations of Sister Mary Margaret. - Maggie Mama

5. God is my Crew Chief! - Randal Graves

4. Taking a cue from Republicans trying to court the NASCAR vote, the Vatican is using nuns in thigh high stockings to lure converts. - RT

3. How many miles per Galilean? - Rodney Dill

2. NASCAR - It's Habit Forming! - Deathlok

WINNER! - It was all fun and games until Kyle Bush ran Sister Adams into the wall. - The Man

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