Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Scary Public Service Message

This beautiful little girl gave us quite a scare early this morning.

My two-year old daughter Julia rarely sleeps through the night. When she wakes up halfway through, the missus brings her upstairs to sleep in our bed. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. Last night, the wife woke me up with, “SOMETHING’S WRONG WITH JULIA!!!” I jumped up and saw the missus holding Julia. Her eyes were glazed over, staring into space, and her mouth was making movements like she was a fish out of water. She wouldn’t respond to us when we called out her name. She was breathing, but something was wrong.

You know all of those stories where cops say their training kicked in? Not so much. I freaked out. I panicked. I knew she didn’t need CPR, but other than that, I just kept calling her name through tears. I thought she was dying right in front of our eyes.

I told the wife to get dressed and rush her to the hospital. She did, and as she left, Julia started crying. I figured that was a good sign. The missus called me a very long hour later and said Julia was okay. The doctors think she has a febrile seizure, which is brought about by a sudden, high fever in children. They pumped her full of liquids, did a few tests, and took a chest x-ray. Everything came back normal and the docs prescribed some medicines to help her through the cold/fever. We had a follow-up with our family practitioner this afternoon.

Suffice to say, after this nightmare I won’t be sleeping very soundly for a long, long time.

If you have young children, check out the information on febrile seizures by clicking here. Arm yourself with knowledge, in case this happens to your child.

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