Thursday, December 18, 2014

I Find Your Lack Of Flake Disturbing

Normally, I an not a big craft guy. Today? I'm a big craft guy.

Last night for family night by boys wanted to know how to make snowflakes that were better than the average snowflakes we normally make. We went on search of something that fit their description and found a tutorial on how to make Star Wars snowflakes! My boys were ecstatic and what was supposed to be about 10-20 minutes of making paper snowflakes turned into an hour or more of Star Wars snowflakes. (H/T - Easily Lost)

You can find the tutorials by clicking here. It's the perfect project to keep your boys - and girls - occupied during Christmas break.


  1. Lays claim to all the corners in the room.
    Those snowflakes might give me something to do while I recover next week.

  2. I thought I was hallucinating when I first looked at the photo...those are awesome though!

    P.S: I'm glad I found you again. Although I feel like I've needed to stalk you around the great, wide interwebs lately.

  3. Just checked my e-mails and you made my day! Welcome back, Mate! I'll be commenting here with rhyme and reason (I hope).

    Best of luck. Roll safe.

  4. Just a note for those commenting. Blogger is, um, "less pleasant" than Wordpress, but it may be easier posting with a Name/URL than anonymously. For the URL, just put in any standard addy - google.com, etc - and you're good.