Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Maul Of America

Thousands of protesting animals swarmed on Minnesota's Mall of America last weekend, effectively shutting down the mall. Now, the Bloomington City Attorney wants to file charges against the human detritus responsible.

Bloomington City Attorney Sandra Johnson expects to file criminal charges against the organizers of Saturday’s protest at Mall of America.

The mall went into a partial shutdown for about two hours as thousands of protesters filled the rotunda on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. The group, “Black Lives Matter” chose the mall for its high visibility, but was warned repeatedly that it was private property.

Mall officials are reportedly gathering estimates of how much money the stores lost on Saturday. The City Attorney is now building criminal cases against the protest organizers.

Out-freakin'-standing! It's high time someone fought back against these anarchistic a-holes. When Ms. Johnson is finished taking out the trash, maybe she can run for POTUS?


  1. Good for her. I'm sick of seeing these thugs disguised as "protesters" getting away with crime after crime while hiding behind the first amendment. Vandalism and harassment are not "free speech."

  2. John - Agreed. Hit them in the pocketbook, and you'll see crap like this eventually stop.

  3. How long before she is charged with being a racist?

  4. The local idiots here in the Quad Cities had planned the same thing for Sunday. The mall owners shut it down and it didn't happen. Notices were read on the news channels and posted on Facebook. I'm sure the store owners voices were much louder than the whiners planning on the "die in".

  5. Rick - What time is it now? :)

    Metoo - Nice to see the mall owners take a stand. It was probably worth the loss in sales.