Friday, October 23, 2015

Axe Me Anything

It's rare to see the town elders ask questions of the village idiot, but that is exactly what I am offering you this weekend.

In a new segment entitled, "Axe Me Anything," you the reader, can ask me, the blogger, anything. Anything at all. No question is too big, no word is too big (for I have an online dictionary).

This is my latest attempt to get folks interacting here, and pulling the blog toward the success of yesteryear. (Which means I will probably fail miserably.) So, feel free to submit your questions in the comments section from now through Sunday evening, and I'll have answers for you Monday afternoon.


  1. What do you do to relieve stress ... that would not shock those of delicate contitution?

  2. Do you use the screen name 'Wyatt' because of the restraining orders, or the witness protection?

  3. Why did you get into police work? Is it because you know girls like guys in uniform?

  4. How do you beat the urge to shoot stupid people?

  5. What is your dream life after you retire?