Saturday, October 24, 2015

Barry, This Is Happening

Retro gamers, unite! FX is making an Archer pinball machine!

Now you can relax and blow off - phrasing - some steam with Archer, Lana, and quite possibly Babou the ocelot.

The Twitter community had an enormous impact on getting the Archer table greenlit from an idea and into production. Seeing the fan response and seeing the story get picked up in the media inspired a lot of confidence in us that an Archer table would be well-received. The team at Floyd County were very supportive, pushing the story up the chain at FX and Fox in an almost grassroots kind of way, up to the executive level, prompting serious consideration for a team-up.

I think what we're most proud of is that the vibe of the show and the smart humor really shines through. There is a really cool shooting mini-game, and Archer's spy car actually drives onto the table and off a ramp.

Um, the "spy car" is actually a Dodge Challenger with such amenities as anti-pursuit counter measures, twin .30 caliber machine guns and a functioning wet bar in the glove box. It is most definitely sploosh-worthy.

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