Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Breakfast Of Ex-Champions

You may find this hard to believe, but I started drinking in my final year in college. (I was a bit of a late bloomer.) After college, I drank some more, and when I joined the department, I became a borderline alcoholic. Then my hockey team wanted to redefine the term "alcoholism..." Well, you get the point.

I did finally shape up and ship out my liver, but I wanted it known I have an appreciation of booze. This, however, is something I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot straw.

Russ Meredith, a bartender from Louisville, has created a line of craft beer-based syrups that can be poured over pancakes, French toast, and other morning meals. According to Meredith, you can taste the brew’s flavor, but you won’t get a buzz; while hoppy and malty, his syrups contain less than one percent alcohol.

Beer syrup is essentially a variation of simple syrup in which beer is substituted for water. Bartenders have long produced their own homemade variations on the recipe, but Meredith hopes to be the first one to bottle a perfected—and legal—formula and sell it to the masses sans liquor license. (H/T - Rick)

I know more than a few cops who drink their breakfast, but most people drink alcohol to experience the buzz, not for the taste. Maybe this will catch on with the hipster set? They always rally behind idiotic ideas.


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  2. Keep your eye on that one, Wyatt. He's more than a little shady!
    (Or so Vica told me!)

  3. Proof - Vica said that? BANNED! :)