Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Throw Up Your Hands, We Want Your Bullets!

Battle reenactments occasionally attract some intelligent history buffs. They also tend to attract irresponsible, mindless dolts.

A reenactment of an Old West street gunfight got a bit too real in a US town. The incident went down on Sunday in Tombstone, as members of the Tombstone Vigilantes played out a gunfight before some 1,000 tourists.

Tombstone Marshall Bob Randall [said] one of the actors had arrived late for the show and failed to have his gun checked - to make sure it had blank bullets - before he faced off with a fellow actor.

"When Tom Carter fired his gun, Ken Curtis fell to the ground," Randall said. "He was shot in the lower groin area."

A woman watching the show was also grazed in the neck by a bullet but refused medical care and additional bullet fragments struck nearby buildings.

Thanks to this jackass, the gunfight reenactments have been suspended until further notice.

We were in Arizona in 2006 visiting my friend Kevin. The weather was gorgeous - hot, sunny days. All I wanted to do was see the reenactment, and when we went to Tombstone, it was canceled... because of rain.


  1. I've seen that show a couple times, it's pretty cool. One of the times I saw it, one of the actors was apparently drunk. He wandered off mid-skit, leaving the scene without its bartender. The other performers didn't miss a beat. When they turned to the bar and noticed that he had disappeared, one of them said, "Well, I guess we'll just... help ourselves." I'm curious as to whether that same guy was involved in this incident.

  2. John - Kyle, who was five at the time, really wanted to see it. We saw the actors walking down the street and stopped to day hello. Kyle and Erik hid behind me. :/

  3. Silly SOB.
    I hope they jack him up