Thursday, October 15, 2015

You Can Fry, You Can Fry, You Can Fry!

The hot dog - or more traditionally, the Frankfurter - has been virtually unchanged since the 13th Century. (I refuse to recognize Oscar Mayer's ridiculous cheddar-infused "Cheese Dogs" of the 1980s.) That changes today, as a group of enterprising young people have created hot dogs disguised as Disney Princesses.

I do not know if Walt Disney was Jewish, or if he abstained from pork products, but if so, he would most likely endorse this product.

For better or worse, over the past few years the Internet has found itself compulsively reinventing Disney princesses to questionable ends.

With that in mind, we put our heads together and thought about what kinds of Disney princesses would inspire us the most. And obviously we thought of hot dogs. Disney has never created a princess who was a hot dog (dumb, in our opinion). Imagine if all of their princesses were hot dogs. So inspiring.

I suppose we could also use bratwurst. "Hot dog" conjures up images of roasted poodles.


  1. Some poor little "princess" is going to be traumatized for life when one of her brothers eats one of these in front of her.

  2. Metoo - But the deliciousness is more than worth it.

  3. To heck with the princess dogs, I want a Bambi-burger!

  4. Doc - Or at least The Little Mermaid's Sebastian... with butter.