Once in a great while, a blog comes along that inspires awe, surpasses all expectations, and truly changes people’s lives.

This is not that blog.

However, if you’re interested in reading the rantings of a sarcastic police detective/author, this may be the site for you. Since June 6, 2005, I have published my idiotic takes on every topic, from al-key-hol to weight loss (although I don’t recommend using one to result in the other). In between, I have offered a smattering of opinions on every issue under the sun, delicately blended with the occasional war story from my chosen profession. Please do not think me a racist simply because I am a police detective. That would be ignorant.

I mean, I don’t like people from Canada, but that doesn’t mean I’m a racist.

You’ll find a little bit of everything here. Most of my commentary is peppered with snark and sarcasm – a coupling a commenter once labeled “snarkasm” – and no topic is off limits. I rarely use “sentence enhancers” here – you folks refer to them as swear words – and I’d rather my commenters check their language as well. My aunt reads this thing, ya know. I do not suffer fools, and I will delete any personal attacks from the comments section. That being said, I usually let my readers voice their opinions. I’m a cop, not a Nazi. To my wife’s chagrin and my male readers’ joy, I post photos of hot babes on a regular basis. If hot broads are offensive to you, this blog may not be your cup of tea.

When it comes to blogging, I have been more lucky than good. A lot of big-time sites and blogs have linked here, causing quite a few hit-alanches. I was also honored to be a guest - twice - on Deb Goodrich’s Topeka Talks radio program. Some people think I have talent, but in reality, I think I have a lot of folks snowed. Life has been good to me, and I try to remember that when people tell me how much I suck.

Anyway, welcome aboard, and feel free to browse around and look for some bargains. I think we have a few pair of parachute pants in the back.

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