Monday, June 17, 2024

Experts discover earliest record of Jesus' childhood after deciphering 2,000-year-old Egyptian manuscript

Experts found the earliest recods of Jesus' childhood thanks to a 2,000 manuscript.
The earliest known copy of an incredible story about Jesus performing a miracle as a child has been discovered scrawled on an ancient Egyptian manuscript. The 2,000-year-old papyrus - a material that predates paper - tells the lesser-known story of the 'vivification of the sparrows,' when the five-year-old Messiah is said to have turned clay pigeons into live birds, a tale also referred to as the 'second miracle'.
The original story of Jesus' miracle is thought to have been written around the 2nd Century as part of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, a book detailing Jesus of Nazareth's youth that was ultimately excluded from the Bible. But until this discovery, the earliest written example of the gospel was from the 11th Century.
The manuscript was found at Hamburg State and University Library.
Until now, the papyrus had lay unnoticed at the Hamburg State and University Library in Hamburg, Germany. Experts told DailyMail.com they stumbled upon the papyri while analyzing manuscripts and noticed Jesus' name in the text.
All those years and no one found the manuscript until now.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Colossal Squid Seen Near New Zealand

Scientists have been searching for a colossal squid near New Zealand, and they believe they finally found one.
Last year, a group of scientists attempting to capture footage of a colossal squid, the largest invertebrate on Earth, in its natural habitat may have hooked their prize when one of their underwater cameras captured a juvenile glass squid swimming by. Colossal squids are members of the glass squid family, and so appear transparent to the eye—not that any eye has ever been laid on one in its day-to-day life. However, in the high-definition footage captured by the researchers, the vermillion tentacles and faint blue bioluminescence narrow down the list of potential species considerably.
Hakai Magazine reports that the curiosity and support of the tourists was needed motivational drive to keep the team from flagging in their endless monitoring of the frigid waters below their vessel.
In the epitomization of the phrase anti-climactic, the ‘colossal squid’ was a 12-centimeter-long juvenile, but because the expedition was privately funded, it gave the team immediate impotice to return to the Antarctic waters and search for longer, and at greater depths. Kolossal Expedition leader Matthew Mulrennan was working on the Antarctic tourist boat Ocean Endeavour where 200 tourists shared quarters with him and his team between December 2022 and April 2023.
One wonders if Captain Jack Sparrow has encountered the squid before?

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Texas Man Arrested For Sticking Antiques In His Bum

Well, this man really knows his antiques, but he never knows where to place them.
A kilt-wearing Texas man today pleaded guilty to taking merchandise from antique stores and shoving the items up his rectum before returning them to display shelves. Mitchell Vest, 60, copped to criminal mischief in connection with vile incidents earlier this year at shops in Spring, a Houston suburb. As part of a plea deal, the 6’6”, 250-pound Vest was sentenced in Harris County Criminal Court to 12 months probation. Since Vest is a first-time offender, if he successfully completes the probationary term, the misdemeanor conviction could be wiped from his record.
I get it. Wiped. Well done.
According to police, Vest visited one store and placed a makeup brush and a “Restoration Hardware piece” in his anus before placing them “back on the shelf for display.” The owner of a second business, “The Curiosity Shop” told cops that Vest took an antique bottle opener and a “Tobacco Tent Can” and “placed them into his anus under his green skirt/kilt, then returned the items to the shelf.” In both instances, the soiled merchandise--valued at a combined $204--had to be thrown away “due to feces on them,” investigators reported.
I mean, if you just get a nice rag, you can wipe that all away.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Sunrise, Sunset...

Well, Jules is back getting ready for field hockey. The coach is having practice at the high school, and while Jules is still an absolute beast, the coach is likely going to keep her on junior varsity. The princess was disappointed, but she's still committed to the team, no matter if she's on JV or Varsity.
There is a JV team and a Varsity tean this September, and since seniors cannot play for JV, The Princess will likely play JV this season.
The coach seemed disappointed too, and she didn't like putting her on JV, but she knows Jules will play as hard as she always does. At practice yesterday, she was still crushing the ball, and playing terrific defense. Either way, she'll be very happy playing this coming season.
It's just a shame she may not be playing varsity this season.

Monday, June 10, 2024

First Ever AI Beauty Pageant

Well, this is something you don't see every day...
The Fanvue Miss AI pageant, the world’s first beauty pageant for AI-generated female models, judges contestants on beauty, social media clout, and their creator’s use of AI tools.
The top AI girl is fabulous, but I thought the redhead was much better.
At first, they said artificial intelligence was coming after our jobs, but now it seems that not even beauty pageants are safe. Originally announced back in April 2024 by Fanvue, a subscription-based platform for creators, the world’s first beauty pageant for AI-generated avatars made international news headlines and sparked controversy online. But, based on the popularity of AI models like Aitana Lopez and Emily Pellegrini on social media, this type of event was bound to happen at some point. About 1,500 AI-generated girls were submitted by creators from all over the world, but only 10 of them made the finalist list.
Dang, I thought Melissa McCarthy would have made the list... Oh, they wanted attractive women.

Florida Woman Called 911 On Herself As She Stole A Vehicle

Ah, Florida. The place where morons go to be stupid.
A Florida woman was arrested after she reportedly called 911 on herself while trying to steal a car from a dealership so she “could do it legally.” Christy Turman, 37, called the Lee County Sheriff’s Office because she wanted authorities to know, deputies said.
I mean, at least she let the cops know she was stealing a vehicle, amirite?
“Because I’m trying to steal a car that’s not legally mine,” Turman said during the 911 call. “So, y’all better come make a report. I’m reporting this.” The 37-year-old told deputies she was being trained in a game of Black Ops to steal a car, but called authorities to make her carjacking legal.
Hey dullard, maybe play "Black Ops" on your Playstation and not on the streets of Florida.

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

But The Cinnamon Was So Sweet And Tasty!

Meet Ann Maria Luna of Florida. Ann got into an argument that eventually found Ann to throw a cinnanon roll at a male. Wow, isn't she sweet? (I'll see myself out.)
A Florida Woman was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly striking a man in the neck with a thrown cinnamon roll. Cops say Ann Marie Luna, 37, chucked the food item at the back of the 49-year-old victim’s head, “striking him at the base of the neck.” The cinnamon roll incident occurred at a transitional housing facility in St. Petersburg, Florida. An arrest affidavit does not reveal a motive for the alleged cinnamon roll attack, which was recorded by security cameras. After being read her rights, Luna, seen at right, reportedly admitted to tossing the delicacy. The affidavit indicates that no weapon was seized by investigators. The victim was not injured by the cinnamon roll, “but wishes prosecution,” police noted.
Now maybe it's just me, but I cannot fathom this woman will get serious time for throwing a cinnamon roll at some dude.

Take Me To The Pilot

So on my 55th birthday, my Jeep decided to blow up. Literally. I was taking Julia to her friend when the radiator exploded, covering the car with antifreeze and a lot of smoke. I got Julia to her destination then tried to make it home. No such luck. I was a mile away from home. The next day we went to buy a used 2013 Honda Pilot. I love this car. Truly. Everything was running great until a few weeks after I bought the car, the engine light popped up on the dashboard. I kept driving it to work because we were down a vehicle already. The car still works fine but I don't know if the light is malfunctioning or if the engine is in trouble. So, I call the dealer and ask about fixing it. I called a week and a half ago. I was walking yesterday and the female at the service center said, "We can't fix a Honda Pilot," despite the fact I was told they could. She kept saying they cannot work on Honda cars and that was that. I get that. What I didn't get was this woman could have called back the next day after I put in a date to come there. No, she waited until the last minute to screw me over. Luckily there is a Honda dealer five minutes from my home. If the Honda people can fix this, I'll go there forever.

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

Well, I Can't Imagine He'd Ever Find A Real Woman

Investigators charge that a funeral home worker planned to use a body bag to smuggle a life-size sex doll out of the home of a man who died in his Nebraska residence, according to court records. Ryan Smith, 42, was arrested in October for allegedly breaking into the Omaha apartment where the deceased man lived. At the time, Smith worked for Mid America First Call, which handles “removals, transportation, embalming, cremations, and ship-outs.”
“Both of the males that came to collect the body made comments about the sex doll found on location,” according to an arrest affidavit. Smith’s initial entry into the apartment was with law enforcement personnel, who subsequently locked and secured the home. Later that day, Smith allegedly returned to the residence carrying a body bag, telling apartment complex staff that he was acting on behalf of the sheriff’s office and “wished to collect the ‘sex doll’ located inside the deceased tenant’s apartment for evidentiary purposes.” Additionally, he told workers that he was there to “collect a stretcher he claimed that was left behind.”
I'm sure he missed the sex doll's "behind."

Monday, June 03, 2024

The Belt Looks Good On Her

While Kevin earned his black belt last year, it was Julia's turn on Saturday. When she woke up, she was stressed out. Then about a half hour later, she wanted to get to the Kempo school. She was all over the place, worrying she wouldn't be good enough. Well, she overachieved. She was paired with two other girls, and they kept fighting and working with their hands and feet. At one point, one of the male teachers was sparring with Julia, and the teacher hit her a little too hard. Knocked her glasses off and one lens fell out of the glasses. No worries, Julia kept going.
The teacher kept apologizing and Julia kept on fighting.
The sensei who runs the school was terse at her and the other two girls when he thought they were slacking. The girls didn't like the admonishment, and the three went as hard and fast as they could. Toward the end of the test - it went for three hours - Julia was the first to work with her bo staff. You can see it below, and she dominated. At the end, the sensei, simply said, "Awesome."
I am always proud of my kids, but for Julia to be in such beast mode for three hours is just amazing. I am so very proud of her.