Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Bloggers Love Connection

Okay, I have two friends, Dr. Phat Tony and The Conservative UAW Guy. Only one of these friends can make this young lass his bride. (Forget it, Damian, you're still a pup!) I realize that this woman is their dream date, and it is evil of me to post her picture here, but I just can't resist. Well, that, and the fact that I want to see the two of them fight to the death for her hand in marriage.

Let the games begin!


  1. Well, last I checked, both of your friends are already married, and bigamy is illegal (unless you're Michael Schiavo).

    Why is everybody picking on me to-day?!

    First the CUG insults me and now you!

    Bastards... (*~*)

  2. Damian - Nice Schiavo reference. You get a gold star.

    Maria - Your comments reach my e-mail, but for some reason, they don't show up here. If I had deleted it, it would say "This comment deleted ny the administrator." And I don't delete them. I'm still looking into what's going on. Sorry!

  3. Wyatt- That's fine. As long as you saw what I wrote. (Smile!)

    I guess I'll just have to be the 'anonymous' poster. ~~D. Maria

  4. "Damian - Nice Schiavo reference. You get a gold star."

    Ha ha.

    Douche-bag. (^_^)

  5. I am VERY married.
    And happily! :)
    Cute, gun-totin girl, though.

    Damian, were just jealous of your combined youth and talent.

    We're still bastards, though.