Monday, August 29, 2005

As They Say In The 'Hood, "My Bad."

Sorry about not posting yesterday, kids. My reasons were two-fold: first, I am still in a funk about the horrible week I had, and second, Sunday was a very busy day.

If there was anything that was gonna break me outta the dumps, golfing with my friends would be the front-runner. Twelve of us planned a trip to Mainland Golf Course, despite the overcast skies. Of course, since we're talking about me here, it was a miracle I ever got to go.

At 10am, my friend Denny calls and wakes me up - 10am on my day off is like calling me at 3am - and says he need me to run to Lowe's with him to buy wooden fencing. Swell. I'm still hung over from Saturday night's viewing of The Aristocrats (and the subsequent Olde City bar hopping), and I'm supposed to be on the road to the course by noon. I shower and run up to Denny's for some manual labor.

We get to Lowe's, and (eventually) find the fencing he is looking for. What strikes me first is the price (Yikes!) . . . then the weight (each of the four pieces weighed a ton). Of course, the four top pieces aren't good enough for Den - he has to sort through them like he's buying melons. One sweat-soaked hour later, we are on our way home. I help him toss the pieces in his yard and speed to the course.

We get there - sure enough, it's raining - pay our fees, and commence the festivities. (Now, mind you, my friends are even more brutal and vicious than my family, and have no regard for golf etiquette.) This plays well with the fact that we play for money, so rude and disgusting comments during a guy's backswing are commonplace. For example, my friend Brian (who is teaming with my brother-in-law Mike) needs to sink a two-foot putt to tie me and my friend Chris. Just as Bri is beginning to hit the ball, Chris says, "Man Boobs." (No, I have no idea what that means, but it was damn funny - and effective - Bri missed the putt.) Get the idea? We're pretty brutal. Surprisingly enough, we all did fairly well (for us). Mike shot a 100, Chris shot a 104, I shot a 105, and Brian shot a 109. A good time was had by all.

And I'm finally out of the doldrums.


  1. A bad day golfing is always better that a good day at work says I.

    Oh and First

  2. Therapeutic golphing.

    I'm glad your doldrums are disapating. :)

  3. Plus, I don't know how to spell golf!