Monday, August 29, 2005

Visitor #2923, Come On Down!

I can't believe I missed it!

I wanted to make a big deal about the 2,923rd visitor to SYLG, because 2923 is my badge number. (Also, I figure I'll never hit a big milestone like 10,000.) The visitor is not a regular reader (I don't think), but was on the site at 6:23pm yesterday after a Google search for Terrence Flomo. The visitor's server is Verizon.net. (Wow, the site meter gives you all kinds of cool info!) If you are the Mystery Date, please stand up and be counted.

Also, could you stop by the home office and collect your plaque and glazed ham? Thanks.


  1. Glazed Ham???

    I'll be sure to deliver the ham to the verizon guy...

    Can you hear me now?
    Throw in a sixer of pabst and we're talkin.

  2. I'm on Verizon, but didn't do that search (I already read your piece).

    Can I at least get a pound of bacon out of the deal? ;)

  3. I remember when 1000 was big for me.

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  5. I'm on Verizon, too, but I know where to find you without searching. I'll just take some BBQ.

  6. I guess the four of you aren't Muslim. As Emeril would say, "Pork fat rules!"