Monday, August 29, 2005

Bristol Stomp

This is gonna make GunnNutt, well, nuts! Four-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon (#24) pulled out a sixth place finish in Saturday night's Sharpie 500, propelling him into tenth place in the standings - and back into contention for the Chase for the Nextel Cup.


Gordon, who had been as low as 15th place, has been clutch as of late, finishing in the top ten in the last two races. Saturday's duel in Bristol, Tennessee was vintage #24. He stayed out of trouble, and challenged when it was warranted. There are still two races left for Gordon to falter, but so far, so good.

Tony Stewart, watch your bumper.


  1. I actually tried to watch that race but vould not get over the boring caution flags and rain delays.

  2. The most glaring of NASCAR's flaws: no rain tires.

  3. Go Jeff, Screw Tony Stewart!!

  4. Sorry, guys, Mark Martin's gonna go out in style and on top.

  5. Bob - I like Mark Martin, but I DESPISE his car owner, Jack Roush. It would be nice to see the old guy win a championship before he retires - better him than Rusty Wallace. Bleech!!!