Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Top Ten List

Top Ten Nice Things About Flyers GM Bobby Clarke

10. For every terrible personnel decision, he donates one cheesesteak to Rosie O'Donnell.
9. When he kicks dogs, he always uses his weaker foot.
8. He still reminds his players that winning the Stanley Cup is possible . . . if they travel back in time thirty years.
7. Before he screws the fans, he always asks permission first.
6. When giving sick children rides on the zamboni, he leaves sales tax off the bill.
5. When giving interviews, he always tells reporters to "F*** off!" instead of actually saying the swear word.
4. During the Flyers' Wives Fight for Lives Carnival, he keeps himself to a two-grope minimum.
3. Years after running him out of town, Bobby still calls Eric Lindros on his birthday . . . and tells him he sucks.
2. He recycles. (Even though it's only washed-up players like Chris Therien.)

And the number one nice thing about Bobby Clarke . . .

1. He exhales carbon dioxide, which is beneficial to plant life.


  1. You, sir, are da man! Excellent post!

    Clarke made me a very miserable woman yesterday. Thanks for the much needed laugh. :)

  2. Thanks, Yekaterina! I depsise the man, and can't even look at his smug little face after the Lindros fiasco.

  3. Bobby Clarke is forgiven - at least for today. JR is out; Forsberg is in!

  4. on with the forsberg fiasco...


    (closet Sabres fan)