Thursday, August 04, 2005

How Swede It Is!

Doesn't it just figure? After blasting Flyers GM Bobby Clarke yesterday, he runs out and makes the biggest free agent acquisition in recent NHL history. Make me look like a fool, will ya? Now I really hate him.

I do not, however, hate Peter Forsberg. The talented Swede is pound-for-pound the best player in the league. And come October, he'll be wearing the orange and black. Joy-gasm! The Flyers signed the fabulous forward to a two-year deal, which instantly propels the team into respectability. (Someone check on Katey, who must have passed out from the news.) Forsberg does it all. He's incredibly fast, has tremendous size, and is a dangerous scoring threat . . . as long as he remains healthy.

And, that, dear readers, is the (Vicks Vap-O) rub. Lately, Forsberg has spent more time in the doctor's office than Christina Aguilera. Of course, the symptoms aren't the same – unless you can now get crabs by playing hockey – but it is worrisome nonetheless. The upside certainly outweighs any downside, and if Forsberg just plays fifty out of eighty-two games, Clarke will look like a genius.

And yours truly will look like a dope.


  1. Bobby Clarke was a hated man for bringing Therien back and getting rid of Markov.

    Forsberg is here. All is forgiven.

    Bobby Clarke, you are a god.

    Look for Clarkie to eff up tomorrow and become the most hated man in the Philadelphia area once again. :p

  2. Yeah, maybe he'll bring back Garry Galley. Ugh!