Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Inaction Jackson

Working inside a police district's operations room isn't always a bargain. Take last night, for instance. I'm entering reports into the computer, when I hear an officer come over the radio and say he's in foot pursuit. The officer then screams that there are shots fired at his location.
And I can't leave the building to help.

My supervisor turns up the volume of the radio to get another update. It didn't take long. The male is running through the projects and firing his pistol haphazardly. The officer originally heard five or six shots, and then saw the male fire four more. By now, every cop in the district is enroute to the location . . . and I'm grinding my teeth, dying to get into the fight.

A few moments later, the officer loses sight of the male, who must have ducked into an abandoned property. Amazingly, no one was hurt, and no shell casings were found.

And I missed the excitement. Damn.


  1. Jesus Christ, what was the result? Any updates?

  2. The scumbag got away - obviously being hidden by one of the locals, but no cops (nor citizens) were hurt thank God.