Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Stupid Questions

Does anyone think Martha Stewart is creepy?

If President Bush can control the weather – I mean, Katrina was his fault, remember – do you think he can give Philly a blizzard-free 2005?

Does anyone think the "dancing old guy" from the Six Flags commercials is really creepy?

Am I the only one impressed with John Roberts' performance in yesterday's confirmation hearings? Not only did he show his judicial expertise, but he also made Teddy *hic* Kennedy and Joe "Plagiarism" Biden look like fools.

Does anyone think the "King" from the Burger King commercials is really, really creepy?

I'm freakin' out, man!


  1. Aye to all. Especially that Six flags guy! I wouldn't let my kids near him for anything!!!

    Oh yeah! FIRST! Whoo Hoo!

  2. My brother, sister-in-law, cousin and I are going to Six Flags Great Adventure in Joisy on Sunday. If I see that guy, he's getting punched in the back of the head.

  3. The Burger King ad I find most disturbing is the "Wake up with Burger King" one where a guy wakes up to find the King in bed with him.

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  5. They took down the Subserviant Chicken site, so the BK guy is more disturbing.

  6. The king is creepy but he sure can play some football last post didn't work right

  7. TM - Yeah. Next to that, the King is just playin' for second.

    Doc - It's doubly disturbing when he does the Deion Dance at the end. Eww!

  8. I thought BK was pretty creepy in the Challenge Darth Vader spot a while back.

  9. I think Roberts is get on the court and then overturn all the lefty socialist "precedents" that he merely hinted were settled. Hooray!

  10. That BK Bastage intercepted my Bills (granted it was Bledsoe who was tossing the pass) and scored on 'em!! I'm never eating there again!

    No respect I tell ya
    *yanking on collar*