Monday, September 26, 2005

"Kitten" Billboard Update

Anyone remember the "Kitten" Billboard? That was the billboard in Lexington, Kentucky that featured WKQQ 100.1 on-air personality/hottie "Kitten." As an incentive for the God-awful University of Kentucky football team, Kitten promised she would remove one article of clothing for every UK win.

That was four weeks ago.

To date the Wildcats are 1-3 after getting shellacked by Florida, 49-28, and Kitten has lost only her sweater.

How desperate is WKQQ getting? Kitten is offering a two-for-one deal for the next UK win! If the Wildcats ever win another game, she loses two articles of clothing. Judging by their recent performances, Kitten has nothing to worry about.


  1. Too bad she didn't pick a SEC team, even Vanderbilt has won 3 games.

  2. Can they do something about the headache-inducing Blue Kentucky uniforms? Those things are ugly.

  3. Doc - I know. I haven't even mentioned Michigan, since they lost AGAIN this week. Bastards!!!

    The Man - Don't stare directly into the unis - you may lose your vision.

  4. You could post a picture of her to remind us...