Saturday, September 17, 2005

Skate Or Die!

(The Stir-Fried Weasels logo - A weasel in a wok.)

Tonight's the night. In a little over twelve hours, I will be a hockey player again. Our first practice/scrimmage is scheduled for 7:15pm, as a precursor to the 30-game Fall season. Actually, it's the same team (more or less - guys I went to high school with), but we're skating under a new name: The X-Men. Our new jerseys aren't ready yet (which is why we'll be the Weasels tonight), but they are supposed to be wicked cool!

A lot of things have changed since I last laced them up; a new rink, a new team, and a new name, so I wanted to change my number as well. Out is the familiar #24. In is the #21 (in honor of the Flyers' new addition, Peter Forsberg). I'll never skate or score like him - and, hell, my first regular hockey number was #99, and I didn't resemble Gretzky in the least - but what the hell, I'm having fun!

Now, if I can only make it through this scrimmage unhurt . . .


  1. "You're going to poke your eye out!"

    What position do you play?

  2. Right wing. Despite what some liberals may think, my e-mail consists of my ice hockey position and my (former) number - rightwing24 - it has nothing to do with my political views.

    No chance of poking my eye out, I wear a half-shield. Maybe I'll lose some teeth, but chicks dig that sort of thing!

  3. Somebody lied to you about chicks and the missing teeth thing:) Cause if that were true we'd just all move to Arkansas.

  4. Carve up that ice brah...
    then use the shavings to ice down dem feets after the game!

    Ya got me missin swingin tha sticks! (and the gloves)

  5. I've always been partial to goons. Just to tick off my office mates, I had an Iafrate Wall of goons!

  6. I got lost right after you said you were going to be a "hockey" player. Is that the game were players compete at tables with guys in suits?

  7. SK - Wow, that's a really good point.

    Peak - It was great. I'll post about it a lil later.

    GunnNutt - Iafrate Wall of Goons . . . NICE!

    Doc - It's a yankee thing, you wouldn't understand!