Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stupid Questions

Why do people in Philadelphia insist on calling their local police station to report a crime? Do these folks not know the number to 911? I love the requisite answer from these dopes: "I didn't think it was an emergency." The response I'd like to give them: "Well, then we won't hurry out to you."

Is Green Day really that influential a band that they deserve a full hour on Last Call With Carson Daly? Thankfully, since it was Daly's show, only about thirty people saw it.

Has O.J. Simpson found the real killers yet? Didn't think so.

Yeah, she's a cylon, but does any guy here think that Grace Park (aka "Boomer" on Battlestar Galactica) is not hot?

Hubba, hubba! Now that's one hot little "toaster!"


  1. Did you see the Sci-fi insiders epsode before this season started. Se works at a bar in Canada. Thats not the good part. The good part is the belly shirt she was wearing. WOW!

    ^ ^
    0 0

  2. Btw, did you notice with the picture nobody has any thing to say about the first two questions?! Things that make you go Mmmmmm...

  3. See how messed up I got, there are 3 questions!!! Doh!

  4. CUG - That's why she's here!

    Doc - NICE!!!

    Steve - As do I, but I'm not sure she'll let me "butter her up." Literally.

    Tyler - When I did a Google image search for her, this was the cleanest photo I could post without the wife beating my arse.

    Steve - There were other questions???

  5. I am partial to #6. That red dress drives me wild. I like the sporty look though from last week. I can only assume that she was trying to make herself look like Starbuck for Baltar.

  6. Agreed. #6 is uber-hot. I also liked the lyin' around the room look. Kinda dirty.

  7. Me so hoe-ny. Does she run on hydrogen, or quality union label plutonium made in the good old USA?

  8. Toaster is not the appliance I have in mind.

    She looks more like a baptaegi (rice cooker).