Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Summer Of George

"The New York Yankees are back in a familiar spot: first place. Seeking their eighth straight division title, the Yankees took over sole possession of the AL East lead Wednesday night thanks to Randy Johnson's clutch pitching and Boston's meltdown at Tampa Bay."

With apologies to the good folks in Tax-achusetts, I'm loving this!


  1. Firssst!

    I hate those red sox!!!

    Go Yanks!!

    Although I would like a rematch for my Cardinals!

  2. We here in Tax-achusetts are moved by your heartfelt apology Wyatt. Heh.

  3. *highfive* Wyatt...

    Best time of the year!

  4. Steve - I would be right with you, but I'm still pissed at J.D. Drew - even though he's not in StL anymore.

    Insol - What??? It wasn't sarcastic or anything! Tee hee hee!

    Anon - Ouch. Don't hold back - tell us what you really think!

    Peak - Thanx. Agreed. Baseball playoffs, football season, and the start of the NHL - everything but basketball (bleech!).

  5. As the only New Yorker here, let me just say...

    HELL, YEAH!!!

    Sorry, but it had to be said.

  6. I may live in Vegas now but I'll always have the NY attitude...

    not to mention liberal use of the NY salute on the freeway...

  7. I will second Damian's "Hell Yeah".