Monday, September 05, 2005

Thanks For Nothing!

On Thursday, I posted about the "Kitten Billboard" in Lexington, Kentucky that promises that she will lose an article of clothing for every Wildcat win. Well, don't get your hopes up yet, guys; yesterday Kentucky lost to Louisville, 31-24. The game was being televised on ESPN, and (to my shame) I watched most of it in anticipation of seeing the updated billboard.

God, I need a hobby!


  1. Don't hold your breath, that chick will be fully clothed when the season is done.

  2. Yeah. That's what I'm afraid of! I guess it was a sucker bet in hindsight.

  3. I am a Vols fan so I am a little nervous about the close call with UAB, a week off, then Florida (at Gainesville).

  4. Vols had a scare, and their QB controversy may not be a blessing in disguise. Good luck this year!