Friday, September 09, 2005

Transporter 2

(Say what you want, but Kate Nauta is devilishly hot!)

My friend Bill and I went to see an afternoon showing (matinee prices, whoo hoo!) of The Transporter 2. We figured, what the hell, we saw the first, so why not see the sequel. The fact that Kate Nauta was scantily clad throughout the film had nothing to do with our decision, I can assure you. The reviews were mixed - not that I put stock in film reviewers - but the Luc Besson adventure was tops at the box office last weekend.

Right up front, here's the bottom line: Transporter 2 was a very good summer popcorn movie. The first was a little better, and this one won't win any Oscars, but it was a solid film. And totaling only 90 minutes, it's good on the ol' bladder. Order a large soda with confidence, my friends!

Now that the boring stuff is outta the way, lemme tell you about Lola. Nauta's character steals the film, although it would have been nice of her to steal some clothes while she was at it. (The most she wore at one time was a police patrol jacket on top of the outfit pictured above. Sweet!) The funniest moment came when Gianni (the villain) told Lola to "get dressed." At the time, she was naked save for a conveniently placed comforter. She goes upstairs and comes down wearing . . . a bra and panties!!! Bill and I look at each other and whisper, "That's getting dressed?"

Transporter 2 won't appeal to everyone, but I would go see Jason Statham in almost anything. The star of Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is a terrific actor worthy of your time. And guys, Kate Nauta is worth your time, too.


  1. I remember reading the review to The Transporter: Good action, incoherent plot.

    I still liked it.

  2. The Transporter 2? There was a Transporter 1?

  3. Luc Besson is a very creative director. If you enjoyed the Fifth Element, you probably remember scene and action cross-cutting sexual inuendo, like the raising of the landing gear and the raising of the stewardess' legs in the same motion.

  4. "If you enjoyed the Fifth Element"

    Loved that flick. Good stuff. Willis kicks ass.

    I'm with your rightwingprof. Never knew there was a Transporter 1. Was it even out in theatres?

  5. Yes, there was a Transporter 1, and it rocked! Besson is a fine director, who was responsible for Le Femme Nikita, The Professional, The Fifth Element, and The Transporter. All good stuff.