Friday, September 02, 2005

"You Been Playin' The Foosball Again?"

Team Asshat is in the house! Today was my fantasy football league draft - yes, I realize that I'm a dork, and yes, I realize that "The Asshats" is a ridiculous name for a team - and despite that fact that I lost out on the Peyton Manning sweepstakes - my stinkin' weasel brother got him - I think I did pretty well for myself. Take a look at my starters:

QB - Donovan McNabb (PHI) - Great, now I gotta root for the Eagles. Ugh!

RB - Edgerrin James (IND) & Duce Staley (PIT) - If they stay healthy, I'm golden.

WR - Reggie Wayne (IND) & Ashley Lelie (DEN) - Great to have a Bronco AND a Colt at wideout!

TE - Tony Gonzalez (KC) - Still the best tight end in the game (next to Jessica Simpson, that is).

K - David Akers (PHI) - The Iggles will score boku points, so Akers will thrive.

DEF - New England - Joy-gasm!!!

Okay, I realize that my fantasy football team isn't the most exciting thing to blog about today, but I figure no one's reading this anyway, since it's Labor Day weekend!

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