Monday, December 19, 2005

The Graduate

As I mentioned during my earlier Post of Glee, today was the promotion ceremony. My family was in the crowd and afterwards, my father told me, "I have never seen you smile so much and for so long." He was right; I was downright scary happy, which was why I only posted today's news without the usual editorializing. The last thing you folks want to read is a happy, sappy Wyatt. I'm still smiling, but it's less like a "killer clown" grin now.

Anyway, the promotees were to report by 0915 for the 1100 ceremony - which was moved up from 1000 to accommodate Philadelphia Mayor John "I ain't been indicted yet" Street. We were notified of the time change on Friday. After a run-through of the festivities, the show began more or less on time. As the dignitaries approached the stage, the mayor was absent. It was announced that "hizzoner" was running late, and my friend Tony said, "He ain't coming."

After the National Anthem and an invocation - just don't tell the ACLU - several speakers addressed the class. First, D.A. Lynne "I don't prosecute famous people who beat up cops" Abraham congratulated us, and told the crowd how the city desperately needed these promotions. It was actually a decent speech, and she was very friendly when we shook hands on stage. Next, City Controller Jonathan Saidel spoke about how cops and firefighters were so special, and that he signed our paperwork for our raises that morning. (That got a terrific applause.) Saidel, who is present at every police/fire function, is set to run for mayor in '07, and will get my vote.

It's been almost a half hour, and the mayor still hasn't shown up.

Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson spoke next, and told us all to "not forget where we came from," and treat everyone with respect. When he noticed that Street still hadn't shown, he ordered the staff to begin the procession. One by one, we approached the dais, received our promotional certificates, saluted the commish, and shook hands with the dignitaries. Abraham, Saidel, and Deputy Commissioner John Gaittens stood out; they seemed genuinely happy for us. The procession took about a half hour.

After the end of the procession, it was announced that the mayor would not be attending. Go figure. The crowd gave out a combination of giggles and sarcastic "awwww's," and we were dismissed to the second floor for our new badges (and "shields" for detectives). The detective's shield is much smaller than I envisioned - maybe two and a half inches in height - but it has hardly left my hand since noon. It's very cool.

Editor's note: I realize that this post is much of the same verbal diarrhea, but I need another paragraph to explain Street to those who never dealt with him.

John Street is everything that is wrong with politics. His utter disdain for the police officers and firefighters in this city is almost laughable. He did not attend the last Police Academy graduation, nor did he attend the funeral of Gennaro Pellegrini, an officer who was killed in Iraq. What's worse is that today's ceremony was held at Temple University's McGonagle Hall, which is not only in his former council district, but a few blocks away from his home. It is also about twenty city blocks from City Hall. He could have walked there. God, what a scumbag.


  1. I HATE JOHN STREET!!!!!! I hated him growing up and watching his antics (along with his bro) in city council. I hated that people were dumb enough to vote him not once, but twice. I hate his smirk and I hate his stupid hot dog cart! Is he too good to attend the funeral of a war hero? I watched Pelligrini's spotlight (boxing) on the news before he left for Iraq. I had a sinking feeling. He seemed to be a sweet, genuine guy who cared about his district. We need a bazillion more like him and amounts that run in the negative of Street. GRRRR!!!!!! When you posted a "no show," I figured it was Johnny. I didn't want to rob you of your thunder, so I left it out of my post. He is not an arse-hole, he is the whole arse. Yeah...hope no one attends his funeral. SCROOGE!!!! Hope there is coal in his stocking. I feel so bad for the cops and firefighters/emergency workers. They get screwed more than a hooker in Kengsington. UGH!!!! Ok..I'm done ranting. Don't you just love how Street tries to take credit for the happy, touristy things that happen in Philly? HA, jokes on him, "Welcome Philadelphia" has been running quite the tab under his unwatchful eye. Sorry folks who post here. I'm from the area and I'm fired up! I'll be much briefer next time. The whole Pelligrini thing has me nuts.

  2. So, was it really a blessing in disguise that he didn't show? Would his speech have been worth the time it took to hear it?

    Oh, did anyone get pictures of the killer clown smile?

  3. RT - You're aware they served brewed decaf in restaurants now, right? Just kidding. No worries on the rant. I agree with all of it. :)

    Rach - Think Tim Curry from Stephen King's "It."

  4. Just say your hair didn't look anything like his...

  5. John doesn't want to get to know too many of you, 'coz one of you is gonna be the one to haul him in. (I can see hundreds of hands rising to volunteer even as I type this.)

  6. *killer clown* grin.....hmmm I don't know about the rest of your readers but where I live, we get nervous when a COP has that smile. Have fun with it! Thanks for making me smile today Wyatt.

    I feel left out but happy about it! I know nothing about your lack of Mayor, I just wish him gone soon...don't really care how:) You do sound like Hubby tho when he talks about Sen Harry Reid of Nevada. As a kid in Vegas he delivered Reids newspaper. Says he shoulda thrown the paper thru his window and smacked him in the head when he had the chance. Aaaah, missed opportunities:)

  7. Got any pictures, Wyatt?
    We'd love to see them.

  8. I'm with CUG..pictures would be nice.

  9. First, let me say that the next time I write about some bimbo or drooling idiot (like Alyssa Milano and her statements about her visit to Iraq, which my husband was there for), I will most definately be asking Wyatt to give me "street" names for them.

    You are truly a marvel.

    Second, the next time I have to find things to rant about someone I hate, I will ask rt to dig up the dirt.

    Hotdog stand? I had no idea. But I'll hate it, too, just to round things out.

  10. Rach - Nah, few clowns have buzzcuts.

    Bob - I hereby volunteer! I think the feds will let him run out his time, then lock him up.

    SK - Someday, I'll post some of his more infamous quotes. It'll rock your world.

    CUG - I took a group pic with the commish, but don't know how it looks on the digital camera. I'll check.

    SK - I want to draw in readers, not lose them!

    AFW - Yeah, RT is a pro, and has some knowledge of this moron's actions. She is the reason why I'll never run for office!

  11. Wowie, I disliked him without knowing much more about him while reading your rant, Wyatt...but after reading rt's rant I hate his hot dog cart too...the wheels it rolls on even!

    Congrats again, Wyatt. :)

  12. After Street graduated from law school (or so I've read) he and his lovely and much more corrupt (allegedly) brother Milton had a hot dog stand. His brother still works in the food industry. He got 70 percent of the minorty food concessions at Live 8--not to mention a spot on the board of the "place" to which his fees were to be paid to (yep...didn't pay it).

    I came up with a good a idea today. It happens. Instead of a computerized "what-a-mole" game, how about a "whack-a-mayor" game. We could include Rendell and Goode. South Jersey traffic jams can be quite productive. :)

  13. Uber - To say he's a corrupt idiot is giving him too much credit. And thanks again for the well wishes!

    RT - You'd make millions with that game idea. And, of course, I'd want half the proceeds. :)

  14. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm happy for you!!