Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Keeping My Pimp Hand High

The jet lag hindered my pimping ability for a spell, but here are some news items of note:

Blogs4Bauer - where I also post - is the home of Bauer 2006. Jack's run for Senate in both Connecticut and New York. Yeah, that's right! Do you want to tell him he can't do it?

Pandy from What Panda? is back! Stop by and see how big her preggers belly is getting! Or, just ask her how one female can be so fertile. I sent her an e-mail, and I think she got knocked up!

Don't go too far away! I'll be posting more this evening!


  1. Jack Bauer can't run for both. There. I said it. What is he going to do ab

  2. CTU will hack into the voting machines, logging Jack in as a write-in candidate. After the shocking news is transmitted to the public, a mysterious fire will destroy the paper ballots. Former operatives in Palmer's staff will swoop in and convince the election officials that exposing the details of the fire will undermine the public confidence in the government. Everyone will be psyched over the prospect of Senator Bauer (I-NY-CT) All this will happen between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00am, first tuesday of November.

  3. Another lamb to slaughter, Wyatt. Be gentle.


  4. Chole crased Joe Liberman's campaign website. Who's next?

  5. Whats the deal with no new posts??????