Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Previously On 24 . . .

My five-year old son Kyle is currently attending his first day of full day kindergarten. My wife wept. My two-year old son screamed and cried. Kyle? He pretty much ignored us and happily walked into school with his new friends.

My name is Wyatt Earp, and today is the worst day of my life.

How the hell did this happen? It seems like only yesterday we were worried about him being a preemie. When we brought him home, he was hooked up to a heart monitor because of his size. And now, he is spending his entire day in school. A place - if my memory serves me right - that is rife with bullies, pressure, and heartache.

I can't help thinking that I'm not that great a father, because I am full of questions like this:

Did I play with him enough when he was home?

Did I give him enough attention?

Did we prepare him for life at school?

Unfortunately, I keep thinking that the answers to all of these questions is "no." He's been gone an hour, and it seems like a month. I miss him terribly.

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