Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Running (Wo)Man

"It's time to start running!" - Richard Dawson, The Running Man

Pandy from What Panda? has decided to throw her cover - that's military for "hat" - into the political arena, with her announcement to run for President in 2012. It will be the first election year that the youngling will be eligible to become POTUS. She makes her case eloquently - well, as eloquent as she can be - and even publicizes some of her core platforms at her place.

Being a close personal blog-friend, I intend to throw my support and votes - in Philly, even the dead can vote three times in the same election - her way. Perhaps she can appoint me her Secret Service liaison. Protection for a former member of the 101st Airborbne: not that would be a cush job!

Stop by, show her some support, and feel free to give her a campaign slogan or two . . .

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