Thursday, September 14, 2006

Taking A Stab At Punting

Cripes, and I thought I was competitive.

Northern Colorado University punter Rafael Mendoza (left, doing his Rockettes impersonation) lost his starting job on Monday night. No, it wasn't because of a bad performance; it was because his backup pulled a Tonya Harding.

Mitch Cozad, the uber-competitor, allegedly stabbed Mendoza in the right thigh outside his apartment complex. Cozad was later arrested and charged in the assault. Mendoza was treated and released. He will miss this week's game against Texas State, and possibly a few more.

Cozad was contacted by SYLG last night and stated the following, "Look, I had to do something. Everyone knows that Latino kickers always get the starting jobs. It's discrimination, I tells ya!"

Mendoza could not be reached for a fake comment.

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