Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Calling Down The Thunder

Run, you cur! Hell's coming with me, you hear?!

Like any obedient Louisiana resident, Fmragtops called my insult, and kicked it up a notch here. Like any New Orleans resident, Fm will soon be flooded under a massive wave of retribution. The line forms here for steaming bowls of justice!

Filthy Half-Truths About Fmragtops

* Fmragtops has naked pictures of Governor Blanco under his pillow.

* Fmragtops quit the sheriff's department because the Reno 911 shorts weren't short enough for him.

* When the NOLA levees broke, Fmragtops handed out life savers to the drowning victims. Not preservers, the candy rolls.

* Although he openly roots for LSU, Fmragtops is, in fact, an Auburn fan.

* Not exactly a member of MENSA, when he heard that Mayor Nagin wanted a "chocolate city," Fmragtops started gnawing on the municipal building.

* Fmragtops is a contributor for Blogs for House, because he has a non-sexual crush on Omar Epps.

* He'll never admit it, but Fmragtops has every one of Michael Moore's documentaries on VHS,DVD, and Beta!!!

* Fmragtops is a member of The War for Oil blogroll because he likes it on his sandwiches.

* Fmragtops' presidential campaign hit a bump in the road when supporters found out he had been e-mailing Congressman Mark Foley.

* And finally, Fmragtops embarrassed his friends when he told them he thought "grits" was slang for a woman's breasts.

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