Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Slap (Shot) Happy

Good news, everyone! Our hockey lives have been officially spared. Vinnie, Fish, and Badger, and I have joined Randal Graves’ team, and the fall season begins on Sunday, October 15th. Giddy-friggin’-up! And, in an effort to put my best (not-so-fat) foot forward, I was up at 0430 this morning – I didn’t know there was a 4am! – jogging on the treadmill and doing (gasp) push-ups. The wife recently joined a gym, and I am about to do the same; but I have to get in shape to work out.

Top Ten Reactions To Our Resurrected Hockey Season

10. Muslims declared a fatwa on the sport.
9. Grimjack started posting again.
8. Hugo Chavez boinked Cindy Sheehan.
7. Jessica Biel won’t stop calling me for tickets.
6. Denny started using spell check for his blog.
5. Fish is frantically searching for non-matching socks.
4. Kim Jong Il named a missile after the team.
3. Vinnie’s wearing his “Saturday” underpants. It’s Wednesday.
2. Germany got drunk and invaded Poland.

And the number reaction to our resurrected hockey season is . . .

1. Badger actually started dating a woman close to his own age!

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