Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Stinking On Ice

"Goalie" Robert Esche "makes an attempt" at a save.

I received a call last night from my friend Kevin from Arizona. The crux of the call went like this:

Kevin: "Yo, did you see that (Flyers) game?"
Me: "No. I'm working tonight."
Kevin: "THEY SUCK!"

Curious, since Kevin is the biggest Flyers fan that side of the Mississippi.

Today, I get an e-mail from Grimack entitled, "I'm ready." The crux of that e-mail was that Jack believes the time has finally come to get rid of General Manager Bobby Clarke. Curious, since Jack is a Flaming Homer when it comes to the Flyers.

For those of you outside the Philadelphia area, the Flyers lost to Peakah's Buffalo Sabres by a score of 9-1. That is not a typo. The hockey score was 9-1! The question remains, however, that if my two friends who rarely bash the Flyers are of the wagon, then is there anyone still holding on?

My guess is no.

The Flyers are currently 1-4-1 this season, and although it is very early, there are little signs that this team will get any better. The goaltending is arguably the worst in the league. Hell, Robert Esche - the worst goaltender ever to put on a Flyers uniform - criticized coach Ken Hitchcock before the game . . . then abruptly let in NINE FRAKKIN' GOALS!!! Here's an idea, Robert: if you stink, try not to criticize those who don't stink as much as you do.

The defense is the human equivalent of turnstiles, and even Denny could strap on skates and blow by this bunch. With the exception of Joni Pitkanen, the rest of the defensive squad is useless as teat on a nun. (Sorry, but it's true.) Unfortunately, the offense is just as inept. Who is going to score the goals on this team besides Forsberg and Gagne? I have been asking this question since August, and I have yet to find the answer.

Thankfully, our General Manager, Hero of the 70's, Bobby Clarke is on top of things. He addressed the goaltender dilemma by signing . . . um, well, no one to fill the gaping void. At least he addressed the defense by signing Brian Leetch. Wait, he didn't do that, either. Oh, right, he signed a few slow, gooning power forwards that have as much place in today's NHL as Paris Hilton does in the Vatican.

The sad fact of the matter is that as long as Bobby Clarke is the GM here, the Flyers will flounder in mediocrity. And lifelong fans like Kevin and Grimjack will continue to become alienated from an organization that deserves better.

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